When sex is very far from safe...

When sex is very far from safe...
As government experts argue for lowering the age of consent for girls to 14, Lynette Burrows points out the flaws in their thinking
It would help everyone if we realised that there is a cultural war going on. The trouble is, only one of the two opposing forces seems to realise it at present. On the one side are families; traditionally defined as being composed of parents who are married to each other, and their children.
According to the latest figures, nearly 70 per cent of all children still come from homes like this although the figure has been reduced in recent years because of the financial disadvantage of getting married.
On the other side is a State bureaucracy that is now getting so big that it threatens to take over every aspect of our lives in an attempt to make more work for itself.
Being a bureaucracy, it is composed of paid profession­als who have the ear of government. Indeed, their job is to keep government informed about their area of expertise so they have tremen­dous influence when it comes to the formation of public policy. However, they think and act in a hermetically sealed, professional environ­ment which often bears very little relation either to what people want or to what works in reality.
For example, the attempt to lower the age of male homo­sexual consent to sixteen coin­cided with a report by the London Health Authorities which showed that HIV infec­tion of young men has reached epidemic proportions in 1996, the last year for which figures are available, and that Aids is now "by far" the biggest killer of men between the ages of 16 and 59 in our capital city even taking account of suicides and accidents.
Despite this, the govern­ment is prepared to legislate to facilitate the principle activity which causes the disease. The defeat by the government on the issue in the House of Lords revealed that public opinion is very largely on the side of the Lords and against the government; but that has not stopped Jack Straw promising to reintroduce legalisation at a later date.
Now we have various professionals arguing that the age of consent for girls should be lowered to fourteen on the grounds that this is the only way to ensure that they get "safe" advice on contracep­tion. Of all the bogus arguments that surround this horri­ble subject, the most blatant is that it is ignorance of contra­ception which causes young girls to get pregnant. The simple truth is that it isn't, and that this is amply demon­strated by the fact that before girls were taught anything at all about 'sex education', they did not get pregnant in anything like the numbers they do today. Indeed, the illegiti­macy rate had remained more or less stable from the reign of Elizabeth I right through to the accession of Elizabeth II.
It was the contraceptive industry, working with educa­tionalists and psychologists armed with half-baked theo­ries derived from the sexual pervert, Alfred Kinsey, plus a sensation-hungry media, which changed all that. They targeted the young, as being a most potentially lucrative market. Unrestrained promis­cuity amongst the unmarried must have appeared a very attractive option to stimulate, with its only downside likely to be the very few years available for exploitation, before the girls got married. Who, except perhaps the good Lord, would blame them for going full-tilt for this ample market?
Unfortunately, the contra­ceptive providers have been joined in this simple desire for ill-gotten gains, by an ill- assorted collection of enemies of the family, including some radical feminists, some sexual deviants and a much larger number of professionals who see great career advantages in widening the scope of their power, both to cause problems and to solve them.
Dr. Margaret White in "The Safe Sex Hoax" is just the last in a long line of well-qualified people to have drawn attention to the fact that none of the premises underpinning the "contraception for chil­dren" policy has proved correct. The facts speak for themselves.
Despite assurances from on high, more contraception has not stopped girls becoming pregnant and it has not stopped them becoming diseased either. No amount of fulminating on behalf of failed beliefs can disguise the fact that the ill-effects of the policy have increased year by year until they are now a public, and costly, scandal.
This attempt to lower, offi­cially, the age of consent for girls still further, is just a last, desperate throw of their dice. They must know that the end is nigh and that the cost in human and fiscal terms is now too high to be accepted indefinitely.
This latest attempt is a side­show which highlights what has been a fact for many years; that girls as young as ten and eleven are receiving contraceptives from clinics, without the knowledge or permission of their parents, and that it has not stopped them getting either pregnant or ill.
Check out Dr White's book for the facts about "The Safe Sex Hoax", and then consider whether you think it really is a joke, anywhere but in Hell! If we are armed with facts, then it is more difficult to be blinded by arguments from agencies who speak the language of care and concern, but also profit from the poli­cies they advocate.
"The Safe Sex Hoax", by Dr Margaret White. Unity Press, 58, Hanover Gardens, London SE11 577V.