Welcome to the website of Lynette Burrows - Journalist, Social Commentator and Family Rights Activist.

Lynette has been writing extensively for newspapers and journals since the publication of her book on bringing up children Good Children was published some twenty years ago. Described by the Financial Times as 'so old-fashioned it is positively radical' it can be said to epitomise the stance of much of her subsequent contribution to the social and political commentary and debate her work has encompassed.

There are plans to publish a fourth, up-dated edition of 'Good Children' this year. 

In 2001 The Fight For The Family was published and quickly went into two editions. It is curently being re-published in Russia. It concerns how very small, unrepresentative pressure groups have used the Trojan Horse of 'children's rights' to crush an increasing number of adults' rights. 

Lynette is largely free of the modish opinions that encumber our social attitudes today. Anti almost everything that emanates from government, including educational and social policy, her writing will be a breath of bracing air for those who despair of our boneless and unprincipalled governing class. 

However, as the weather-vane of middle-class opinion, is blown by harsher realities than we have recently experienced, many entrenched positions are being questioned and, in the many media appearences that she still does, her opinions are more appreciated by ordinary people than they have ever been by those who decide what is fit to publish. She intends to return to writing her commentaries on the social scene ; the latest of which concerns the power of the Social Servies and forced adoptions.